The world can access your web site.  E3 helps you access the world.

2018 E3 Theme: Building & Protecting Your Global Brand


Businesses can internationalize more easily now than at any time in history.  Yet, most small and mid-sized companies do not even explore foreign markets.  Many cite a lack of resources and relationships.  Most global trade conferences don't help much...At a standard international expo you might hope to collect a couple cards and hear a lot of theories that aren't really relevant to your business' expansion.  The past eight E3 conferences pioneered a new model.  They offer more than a sage on the stage.  They directly connect business leaders to world-class experts and senior officials that can provide the practical insights, access, and opportunities to grow global.  

E3 is enabling entrepreneurs to connect with new markets around the world.  E3 events are designed to deliver businesses an intimate, in-depth opportunity to gain the insights needed to navigate global growth. Unlike large trade expos, E3 will offer smaller firms the chance to spend more time, get specific answers to their questions, and personally meet the right contacts to pave an easier way to international expansion.


Hear from business leaders about some of their top takeaways from the Entrepreneurship Export Exchange

“I’ve attended several events that are focused on globalization strategies, many of which tend to recycle tips and techniques on going global. I found the conversations at E3 to be fresh and incredibly valuable and I was able to make meaningful connections during the event”
— Jessica Vollman, Vollman Group

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Top government, business, academic, & diplomatic leaders will attend E3 to share experience, create relationships and open doors

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GSR organized an exchange with ambassadors and embassies on to discuss opening doors for entrepreneurs.

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