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Businesses can internationalize more easily now than at any time in history. Yet, many small to mid-sized businesses do not explore global markets due to complexity and lack of resources and relationships.  Regulations are especially burdensome for smaller firms.

E3 is enabling entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to connect with global markets.  E3 events designed to provide businesses with an intimate, in-depth opportunity to gain the insights needed to navigate global growth, and engage with US and foreign trade officials. Unlike large trade expos, E3 will offer smaller firms the chance to spend more time, get specific answers to their questions, and personally meet the right contacts to pave the way.



Access. Seldom is access to so many high-level officials from countries around the world available in such an intimate setting. E3 is designed for depth. This isn’t your standard international expo where you might hope to collect a couple cards or get a few minutes to pitch your business interests. Small and medium-sized companies will gain a deeper understanding of the issues, opportunities, and key actors they need to know to grow their companies in new markets overseas.

E3 isn't just beneficial for businesses. Government officials will get the opportunity to hear directly from entrepreneurs exploring global expansion of their businesses, not just large multinationals. This provides them will invaluable insights to one of the US and foreign governments’ principal trade challenges, getting smaller firms more involved in trade.

“I’ve attended several events that are focused on globalization strategies, many of which tend to recycle tips and techniques on going global. I found the conversations at E3 to be fresh and incredibly valuable and I was able to make meaningful connections during the event”
— Jessica Vollman, Vollman Group

Explore photos from our E3 DC conference, held on June 16, 2017

Foreign diplomats get the chance recruit new business to their country. Yet, they also have a unique opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs about what challenges they face, opportunities they’re seeking, and incentives would most entice them to invest. This market intelligence can assist foreign officials with refining their approach and attracting more small businesses to their country.

Countries confirmed for E3 DC include: Angola - Australia - Azerbaijan - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Cambodia - Canada - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Cuba - Dominican Republic - Finland - Georgia - Greece - Hungary - Iraq - Ireland - Italy - Jordan - Kosovo - Lithuania - Madagascar - Mexico - Morocco - Myanmar - Nigeria – Norway - Paraguay - Peru - Poland – Portugal - Quebec - Romania - Slovakia - South Korea - Spain - Uruguay - Uzbekistan - Vietnam - Wales



Top government, business, academic, & diplomatic leaders will attend E3 to share experience, create relationships and open doors

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GSR organized an exchange with ambassadors and embassies on to discuss opening doors for entrepreneurs.

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