Jill Kelley, President and Founder, Military Diplomacy Strategies, LLC.

Jill Kelley is an expert on military diplomacy and International exchange. Known to be the 'connective tissue' to the diplomatic world, Kelley's expertise and influence focused on strategic dialogue throughout multiple nations in the international community.

She is a former honorary diplomat and served as the first and only Honorary Ambassador to the
International Military Coalition Forces at United States Central Command under General James
Mattis (the current Secretary of Defense.)

During her appointment Kelley met regularly with Royals, Presidents, Prime Ministers and
Parliaments to foster economic and military relationships. Because of her background and international relationships, Ms. Kelley is an expert on global affairs and challenges; She advised on the geopolitical issues unfolding in the Middle East as well as the 60 nations she represented at U.S. Central Command. Jill can remark on the diplomatic nuances and economic implications by our military action on the area of region (AOR) as her pursuit was on cross-cultural diplomacy, global trust and economic relationships.

Kelley's niche focuses on a coalition of foreign allies to implement international exchange
through culture, economy, politics, military and social advances. Ms. Kelley can opine from her
own personal experience as she continues to communicate with many heads of state. She
understands the intricacies and complexities facing our allies in midst of several wars.
Throughout her leadership, she successfully increased the number of coalition forces using her
personal collaboration with international leaders.

Jill was the youngest appointed Honorary Consul General to South Korea. Her title was
bestowed by the President and Parliament of the Republic of South Korea. The government
nominated Jill to increase and expand their free-trade through military, economic and political
opportunities via the newly created U.S- Korea Free Trade Agreement.

The Honorable Jill Kelley is the President and Founder of Military Diplomacy Strategies, LLC.
Her advisory firm identifies and facilitates cross-border relationships on a global scale through
cross-cultural dialogue to promote economic exchange across the international community.
Mrs. Kelley uses her unique accesses to provide the highest level of resources and counsel with
all aspects of strategic planning, government relations, military advocacy, economic
opportunities, political nuances all collaboratively to promote international negotiations
worldwide. From in-depth analyses to strategic exit planning, Jill utilizes the needs and
international arena in trade and development by fostering relationships