Jim Krzywicki, Executive Vice President and COO, WebPort Global

Jim Krzywicki leads WebPort Global operations; providing businesses and trade organizations with a platform for trade opportunities, collaboration and knowledge resources.  Jim is charged with connecting Companies, Agencies, Trade Organizations and Service Providers in a secure trade-focused environment. He is positioning WebPort Global to bring greater transparency to every step of the SME trade journey; a requirement for growth.  Current programs include initiatives in China, Africa and Latin-America, Europe and North America.  

Jim has been directly involved with international operations throughout his career.  Serving as CEO, Screendragon (London & Cork); Board Member, SkillSoft (Dublin) and VP of Services, IBM (Tokyo, Brussels & Stockholm). Jim established European headquarters for Prime Computer Operations in Amsterdam and lived there for several years.

Jim serves or has served on public, private and NGO Boards.