Jennifer Kushell, Young & Successful Media and YSN.COM

Jennifer Kushell, CEO and founder of Young & Successful Media and, has been on a mission to impact the lives and futures of young people globally for two decades.  Kushell sculpts groundbreaking campaigns around youth empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship, bringing educational, government and corporate stakeholders together to impact millions.  Such programs have included the 100 country Subway Global Challenge and the International Franchise Association’s NextGen in Franchising campaign.


Author of the New York Times Bestseller Secrets of the Young & Successful, Kushell is an advisor to leading global youth organizations, a delegate of several State Department led entrepreneurship missions, and Youth Advisor at the UN. Today, YSN is deploying game-changing education through online learning/EdTech solutions to dramatically change the way young people engage with the new world of work and global opportunity.