Barbara Minuzzi, Co-Founder and General Partner, BABEL Ventures

Founder of BABEL Ventures and INVESTHAUS. Barbara is a venture capitalist and financial advisor to ultra high net worth families and has raised over $250 million for real estate and high tech companies in both Brazil and the US.

In 2014 she moved to Miami and co-founded INVESTHAUS USA, LLC where she was not only diversifying her client’s portfolio abroad in real estate and private banking but also started to explore venture capital investments.

She soon became an advisor and angel investor to several high-profile startups such as Spinn Coffee, CALA, OccamzRazor, Cue and Singu.

In 2016, Barbara moved to San Francisco to start her own venture firm, BABEL Ventures.  With extensive experience in diversifying investments and building strategic portfolios, Barbara leads BABEL Ventures and is the chief networker with founders and VC firms in Silicon Valley.