The intention of the E3 conferences is to put the power of global expansion into every entrepreneur’s hands through simplification and relationships.  Topics will include preparing your business to expand into new markets, understanding international trade policy, developing market opportunities, legal and tax implications of international business, growth industries in specific regions, etc.

2 october, 2017

Palacio de Santoña - Salon de Actos
madrid, Spain

  9:30 AM   Opening Sessions and Welcome

  • Brett Bruen, President, Global Situation Room, Inc.
  • Juan Aguilar, International Director, Cámara de Madrid

  9:45 AM   Laying the Landscape of Business in the United States
                    Presented by: Josh Balster, EVP Avitus Group

10:15 AM   Panel Discussion: Strategies for Firms Looking to Grow in US Markets, from Entrepreneurs Who Have Succeeded on Both Sides of the Atlantic

  • Miguel Arias, COO, Carto
  • Sandra Correia, Founder, Pelcor
  • Daniel Romero-Abreu, President and Founder, Thinking Heads
  • MODERATOR: Peter Petrik, Founder, Skvare and International Business Professor

11:00 AM   Ricardo Pelaez, Deputy Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Embassy Madrid, Spain

11:15 AM  Morning Coffee Break

Meet with senior trade officials from dozens of US cities and states, along with trade experts, and policymakers.

11:45 AM   Presentations on U.S Markets

  • State of Florida: Gonzalo Arance, Deputy Director, Enterprise Florida Spain
  • State of Minnesota
  • Kansas City: Narbeli Galindo, EDC Director of International Affairs, Kansas City
  • Greater Phoenix; Stephane Frijia, Senior Vice President, Global Investment, Great Phoenix Economic Council

12:15 PM   Panel Discussion: Accessing Capital for US Expansion

  • Alberto Gomez, Managing Partner, Adara Ventures
  • Inaki Arrola, Founder,, General Partner at K Fund
  • Pablo Ruiz Correa, Head of Innovation at Liberbank
  • MODERATOR: Brett Bruen, President, Global Situation Room, Inc.

  1:00 PM    Joaquín de Aubeyzon, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Manager and Investor Network Manager, Endeavor Spain

  1:20 PM  Panel Discussion: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem From Scratch: The Miami Case Study

  • Manuel J. González, Economic Development and International Trade Director of Miami-Dade County
  • Xavier González, Chief Executive Officer eMerge Americas
  • Laura Maydon, Managing Director, Endeavor Miami
  • Camilo Padron, Business Development TPG Group, Miami, Florida
  • MODERATOR: José Carlos Díez, Professor de la universidad de Alcalá de Henares and International Trade Specialist

  2:10 PM  Networking Lunch

Network and connect for an in-depth chat with senior trade officials from dozens of US cities and states, along with trade experts, and policymakers.

  3:15 PM   Tax Implications of doing business in the US, what Spanish Businesses Need to Know - Ramon Mullerat, International Tax Partner, PWC

Ramon will discuss tax implications of doing business in the US, starting from no presence (pure exports from Spain) to all the way to operating through a company or group of companies.  The discussion will include tax implications on US customs duties on EU exports to the US and remittances from the US to Spain. 

    3:45 PM   Keynote: Ambassador James Costos

    4:15 PM   Closing Remarks

    4:30 PMContinued Networking and Meetings