Sandra Correia, Founder, Pelcor

Sandra Correia is a young entrepreneur and business woman.  She has been surrounded by cork oak since she was little and knows the industry inside-out. She is third generation of a cork industry family “Novacortiça, S.A.”, and it was her curiosity and perseverance that led me to create her own brand, Pelcor®. Sandra innovated the cork industry in the world, making cork a fashionable material, turning it into stylish products. In 2016, Sandra sold Pelcor® and is developing new projects and new businesses based on #happiness.

Achieved Awards:

  • 2016 – “Enterprising Women of the Year Award” by American Enterprising Women Magazine/USA
  • 2016 – “Female Business Personality of the Year” by LUX Magazine/Portugal
  • 2015 – “Best International Business Women 2015” by WOP – Women’s President Organization/IWEC
  • 2012 – “Best Business Women in Portugal” by Máxima Magazine & Jornal de Negócios.
  • 2011 – “Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year for Europe” by the European Community and European Council of Women Entrepreneurs

In 2017 February, Sandra gave birth to a new project for Portugal “Women’s Club”.  This new project meets every month, inviting all women (and men) to come together for two hours of networking and connections. This project is open to all women of society, without stereotypes, to promote more equality, more voice, more lobby, more business, more unity, more women and more LOVE <3