Camilo Padron, Business Development TPG Group, Miami, Florida

Camilo acts as a senior marketing strategist for the TPG Group with a focus on digital marketing execution and new business development. He proudly sits on advisory boards including Idea Center and Puente at Miami Dade College and Miami Children’s Museum. As an advisor and mentor, Camilo has brainstormed, collaborated, developed and executed partnerships throughout the community. Camilo has an Executive MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from Florida International University. He is a member of the CMO Council and is often invited to speak at various meetings and conferences.

Camilo Padron is a strategic marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience in targeting, engaging and understanding the “customer journey”. His comprehensive knowledge of multi vertical marketing including brand positioning, cross- platform digital marketing, social media and traditional media planning is sharpened not only as a product of extensive experience, but more so by his instinct and passion for distinctive creativity. As a tech-savvy leader who also combines industry research, data analytics, and a genuine understanding of customer experience, Camilo’s “big-picture” approach to strategizing is highlighted by his proven ability to leverage high-potential opportunities and amplify revenues.

Camilo’s years of experience working in private equity has allowed him to broaden his knowledge in a vast portfolio of varied industries thus allowing him to gain experience and execute strategies to various audiences. As Senior Marketing Director for CIMA Group, Camilo established and led an in-house marketing department to serve CIMA and its various subsidiaries. He managed and influenced a broad spectrum of initiatives, including live event promotions, soft launch and teaser campaigns for new products, focus groups and beta testing for on-demand products, and the integration of all subsidiaries to social media maps to effectively maximize consumer awareness and engagement. As Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Sales for The Fresh Diet, Camilo served as a driving force on the executive team that undertook a comprehensive turnaround to elevate the business’s profitability and drive value for shareholders