Global Trade Matters

George Mason University President Ángel Cabrera reflects on speaking at E3 DC on June 16, 2017

One of the points that I emphasized last week at The Global Entrepreneurship Export Exchange (E3)  in Washington D.C. is that universities have an integral role to play in educating and developing a new kind of global leader, one who can help build bridges of understanding and partnerships to drive economic prosperity and solve some of our most pressing problems.


Exporters: How to Make Your Business (and America) Stronger

Article by Chris Hale, Founder and CEO at Kountable and speaker at E3 Los Angeles on October 19, 2017

Whether you want to ‘Make America Great Again’ or you think we’re ‘Stronger Together,’ if you’re a small business in the US trying to compete globally, you likely have a sales and marketing problem. Here’s what I’ve learned by managing millions of dollars of sales into East Africa for over 200 companies over the last two years: You’re looking at the problem the wrong way. 


Porter Novelli Survey Shows Americans See New NAFTA Likely, Germany's Ties to the United States Hit Hard Under Administration

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Porter Novelli recently released nationally representative and inside the beltway survey results that revealed what most American voters and D.C. policy-insiders think about the new administration's trade agenda. The study revealed that 53 percent of Americans believe changes will be made to NAFTA before the 2018 midterms, yet, only a third of D.C. policy-insiders agree (33 percent.)

When asked which relationship had deteriorated most since the current administration took office, 38% of policy-insiders believe Germany's relationship with the U.S. has deteriorated the most, while, while most American voters are more confident in their assertion with 50 percent saying Mexico, followed by Germany at 25 percent. A close second to Germany, 36% of policy insiders agree with Americans that the American Mexican relationship has suffered most. 

The new survey data was released as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Export Exchange (E3) Conference, where more than 40 embassies came together to engage in open-panel discussions, presentations and networking sessions that examined foreign relations and the changing landscape of global trade.



Sean Smith, ex asesor de Obama: "Es muy difícil replicar el modelo de comunicación pública de Trump"

Sean Smith empezó trabajando en el equipo de comunicación de Barack Obama en las elecciones de 2008. De ahí pasó al Departamento de Seguridad Interior de EEUU, donde acabó siendo el máximo responsable de comunicación, con un equipo de 300 personas. Smith, que ahora es vicepresidente de la agencia de comunicación Porter Novelli, que forma parte del gigante de la publicidad y el márketing Omnicom., ha participado en Washington en el Global Entrepreneurship Export Exchange (E3), una jornada de análisis sobre la internacionalización de las empresas organizada por la consultora Global Situation Room.


American Experts & Officials to Discuss Strategies for Conquering the US Market at Enterprise Ireland

(DUBLIN) June 26, 2017 – As Ireland’s economy continues its rapid expansion, businesses in the country are increasingly setting their sights across the Atlantic.  Coupled with the coming exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, interest in the United States has reached record levels.  Officials from municipal governments across the United States, along with top experts on its business practices will meet Irish business leaders for the Global Entrepreneurship Export Exchange (E3) at Enterprise Ireland’s headquarters on Thursday, June 29, 2017. 

The Pros and Cons of Dublin for US Businesses Looking to Internationalize

Article by E3 Dublin Speaker: Evan Rudowski

When listing European tech hubs suitable for US startups, Dublin is not often the first on business owners’ minds. Considering the number of major tech players with their European headquarters in the city, the talent pool on offer and long-term access to the EU market after Brexit, that may well be an oversight.

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Trump's Trade Agenda? Top US officials & experts share their insights at E3 DC

If your company is impacted by the rapidly shifting global trade winds today, you won't want to miss the Global Entrepreneurship Export Exchange (E3) next Friday, June 16, 2017 - now including Acting U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce, Israel Hernandez.  He joins the former Deputy U.S. Commerce Secretary, the Washington Bureau Chief of the Financial Times, the President of George Mason University, Politico's top trade reporter, a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, and more than 40 embassies.  E3's Washington conference offers an exceptional opportunity to connect to the leaders and information your company needs to grow global.