SURVEY: NAFTA Deal Could Be Approved Next Year

Global public affairs agency Porter Novelli conducted a special national poll of Americans' views on NAFTA, other free trade deals, the changing influence of foreign powers under the new Administration, and how President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Accord is impacting the clean tech sector.

"SURVEY: NAFTA DEAL COULD BE APPROVED NEXT YEAR: NAFTA negotiations won’t start for another two months, but one early poll already predicts a final deal could be approved by Congress before the 2018 congressional elections. The survey of 1,000 adults from across the United States was conducted in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship Export Exchange Conference taking place on June 16 in Washington. It was administered by Critical Mix on June 1, working with the Porter Novelli public relations firm.

Respondents were asked how likely they thought “Congress will pass changes to NAFTA that will be signed into law before the 2018 midterms?” The results showed 19 percent said “very likely” and another 34 percent said “somewhat likely” for a combined totaled of 53 percent. Seventeen percent said “not very likely,” 5 percent said “not likely at all” and 24 percent said “don’t know.” 

Poll-takers then asked which U.S. trade agreement they thought the Trump administration would renegotiate next. An overwhelming 46 percent admitted they didn’t know, but 17 percent said the Central American Free Trade Agreement, 9 percent the Korea Free Trade Agreement, 3 percent the Australian Free Trade Agreement, 3 percent the Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement and 2 percent the Singapore Free Trade Agreement. 

Finally, 16 percent predicted no other free trade agreements would be renegotiated and 3 percent thought the administration would renegotiate the African Growth and Opportunity Act next, even though that is a piece of legislation and not a trade agreement. A second survey of Washington insiders will be conducted next week."  Read online