The intention of the E3 conferences is to put the power of global expansion into every entrepreneur’s hands through simplification and relationships.  Topics will include preparing your business to expand into new markets, understanding international trade policy, developing market opportunities, legal and tax implications of international business, growth industries in specific regions, etc.

JUNE 16, 2017

Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, Washington, D.C.,


  9:00 AM  Registration Opens, Coffee and Networking

  9:30 AM   Opening Session and Welcome Remarks

  • Brett Bruen, President, Global Situation Room, Inc.
  • Andrew Gelfuso, Vice President, Reagan International Trade Center
  • Ángel Cabrera, President, George Mason University
  • Israel Hernandez, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Commerce, currently performing duties of the Under Secretary for International Trade

 10:00 AM   Panel Discussion: Current Trade Policies - What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Senior U.S. Government officials and business leaders will talk about what comes next for America's trade agenda, how small businesses can thrive in the global marketplace. 
  • Moderator: Doug Palmer, Politico
  • David Thomas, Vice President of Business Roundtable
  • Robert Rogowsky, Former Dir of Operations, US Int'l Trade Commission
  • Antwaun Griffin, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary Int'l Trade Administration

10:45 PM   Fireside Chat with Bruce Andrews, Former Deputy Secretary of Commerce
                   Interviewed by Demetri Sevastopulo, Washington Bureau Chief, Financial Times

The view from the top, and the changing landscape of global trade.

11:15 AM   Panel Discussion: Messaging and Branding for a Global Audience

Leading brand and marketing experts, journalists and CEOs on the challenges facing U.S. brands in the current global marketplace.
  • Moderator: Patrick Jephson, Consultant,  Journalist, Broadcaster and Author
  • Sean Smith, Executive Vice President of Porter Novelli 
  • Johanna Maska, Former White House Director of Press Advance, CEO of Global Situation Room
  • Cherylyn Harley LeBon, KLAR Strategies

12:00 PM   Fireside Chat with Nina Vaca, Presidential Ambassador on Entrepreneurship
                   Interviewed by Caitríona Perry, Washington Correspondent for RTE

Lessons from growing a $1 billion global company, and the increasing role of entrepreneurs in global trade.

12:30 PM   Networking Lunch

Sit down for an in-depth chat with senior trade officials from dozens of nations, along with trade experts, and policymakers.

  1:15 PM   Global Innovation Forum Report: The New Faces of American Trade
                   Presented by Claire Pillsbury, Deputy Director of the Global Innovation Forum

Exploring the role of internet platforms and cloud technologies in the global success of small business

  1:30 PM   Remarks: Steven Koltai, Author, Peace Through Entrepreneurship

Peace Through Entrepreneurship: Investing in a Startup Culture for Security and Development

   1:45 PM   Want your first/next international venture to succeed? Better check your 'tudes!
                    Presented by Richard Ettenson, Thunderbird School of Global Management

New thinking and a new assessment tool reveals potential traps and gaps within your team and company that can make the difference between failure and success in overseas markets.

HBR Article: Does your company have what it takes to go global?

  2:30 PM   Networking Break

Meet with senior trade officials from dozens of nations, along with trade experts, and policymakers.

  3:00 PM   Panel Discussion: Trade and Security

Globalization, ease of international trade and increased mobility open up risks in areas of security.  This means that entities must keep up with the latest in technologies, including detection and prevention, securing borders, and internal security issues that could affect the flow of trade.  How are companies and countries overcoming security challenges and ensuring security in these changing times?
  • Moderator: John Saylor, Chairman Virginia/DC District Export Council
  • Christopher A. Millar, President & CEO, Gatekeeper, Inc
  • Gambo Hamza, Minister T&I, Embassy of Nigeria
  • Arian Zeka, Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo

  3:45 PM   Panel Discussion: Cultural Challenges in Driving International Start-Ups

With the efforts to support a Start-Up Culture around the world, there is a growing focus on the job creation and economic stability being created.  Can local culture and values be preserved while planting seeds to spark economic growth?
  • Moderator: Cameron Hume, Former U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, Algeria, S Africa
  • Tom Lersten, Director of the Global Entrepreneurship Program U.S. Dept of State  
  • Buke Cuhadar, Vice President, Global Entrepreneurship Network
  • Laszlo Horvath, Founder Virtualincubator.US, Silicon Valley Growth Partners
  • Mario Winterstein, President of International Business Development Group

  4:30 PM  Closing Statements