What Countries & Speakers Come to E3 Conferences



Algeria - Angola - Australia - Azerbaijan - Bahamas - Basque Country - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Cambodia - Canada - Canary Islands - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Fiji - Finland - Georgia - Ghana - Greece - Hungary - India - Iraq - Ireland - Italy - Japan - Jordan - Kosovo - Lithuania - Madagascar - Mexico - Morocco - Myanmar - Netherlands - Nigeria - Paraguay - Peru - Portugal - Poland - Quebec - Queensland - Romania - Senegal - Slovakia - South Korea - Spain - Sri Lanka - Switzerland - Thailand - United Arab Emirates - United Kingdom - Uruguay - Uzbekistan - Vietnam - Wales

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Past Speakers at E3 Conferences Include


High-level officials:

Administrator of the US Small Business Administration

Deputy US Secretary of Commerce

Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade

Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship

Deputy Secretary General, OECD

Chief of Staff, Princess Diana

Assistant Secretary of State

Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative

Special Assistants to the President of the United States

Former American ambassadors to Indonesia, South Africa, the African Union, Hungary, Algeria, Georgia, Belarus, Guinea, Burundi


Business Executives:

Managing Director, ICM Partners

Chief Marketing Officer, Viacom

Chief Executive Officer, Hoverboard

Venture Lead, McKinsey & Company

Executive Director, International Trade, Ernst & Young

Vice President, International Development, Dunkin Brands

President, MassChallenge

Vice President, Business Roundtable

Founder, Hera Hub

Founder Kountable


Senior Journalists:

Washington Bureau Chief, The Financial Times

Foreign Correspondent, The Guardian

Anchor, Fox News

Host, Access Hollywood

Publisher, Dallas Business Journal

Media Critic, CNN

President, World Trade Center Los Angeles


Accomplished Academics:

President, George Mason University

Dean, Business School, University of Hartford

Senior Innovation Fellow, Harvard University

Director, Economic Growth, President George W. Bush Institute





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